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Soyuz to Send New Progress Freighter to ISS
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Dawn Probe to Ceres and Vesta Slips to September
Orbital Express/NextSat In-Orbit Servicing Demo Ended
ICO Signs Study Contract with SS/Loral for MEO Sats
Jules Verne Shipped to French Guiana
From financial research to satellite-based bitcoin mining, the space world and blockchain technologies are intertwined. For those who are aware of the fact that blockchain is going to space, this overlap wouldn’t be a surprise. Blockchain has multiplied its growth in line with the claim that it will change the world in the future. So investing in Bitcoin or ETH would be a wise decision if you’re looking for short-term profit. But before investing in a trading platform make sure it’s reliable as there are many stock markets and trading options and not all sites offer the same options. A renowned trading platform like Libertex has carried out a detailed  Libertex test 2021 as a testimony for its credibility..
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Drawing courtesy ESA/D.Ducros

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