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Takyon International is a Paris-based press agency incorporated in 1994
by four advanced technologies editors.
Our main activity is to provide editorial material on space activities for all kind of news media or publications, in English and in French. Our expertise relies on more than 15 years of involvement in the space sector, numerous contacts in the space industry and government agencies as well as on a continuous and comprehensive survey of market trends and space policies all around the world.

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Space Transportation • Space Industry • Telecommunications • Aerospace Business
In 1994, Takyon International began publishing The Orbital Launcher Report (OLR), a monthly reference newsletter on space transportation. In 1997, in partnership with Launchspace, it became The International Space Industry Report (ISIR). The publication was taken over by Phillips Publishing in 1999 and discontinued in 2000.
 News Magazines
Industry • History • Policy • Aerospace • Business • Technologies
Over the years, Takyon International was involved in multiple aerospace and industry magazines.   
 Corporate Publications
Magazines • Newsletters • Websites • Intranet
Introduced in numerous space companies and government agencies in Europe, Takyon International often provides high quality editorial material for their external or internal publications.
 Electronic Publications
Website • e-Newsletters • CD-Roms 
In addition to its website, inaugurated in 1997 as The Orbital Report, Takyon International has been publishing a weekly e-newsletter, The Orbital Report On-Line (OReOL) from 1995 to 1997 The service later became the ISIR Newsline.

In 1999, Takyon International actively participated in the development of a French CD-Rom about space exploration:

Le CNES présente L'ESPACE

through a partnership with ANTEN, Emme and CNES, The French Space Agency.

Overviews • Market Assessments • Editorial Elements
Takyon International's unique expertise in space industry makes it the ideal partner for the implementation of market surveys.
Papers • Moderation
Allying expertise in space industry and experience in audio-visual media, Takyon International's team has participated in international space and communication conferences, providing speakers and moderators.

2nd International Symposium on
Atmospheric Reentry Vehicles & Systems
(Arcachon, March 2001)

Takyon International is:
Stefan Barensky, Director of the Editorial Office
Senior space editor
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Isabelle Yung, Associate
Space editor
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Esther Amar, Associate
Director of Esther Amar Communications

René-Martin Simonnet, Associate
Director of Ramsès Publications

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