Below is a selection of official web sites for major space launch avionics providers worldwide.

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Alcatel ETCA
– Ariane

Alcatel Space Denmark
– Ariane
Alcatel Space
– Ariane
Framatome Connectors International
(FCI) – Ariane
– Ariane
Snecma Control Systems
(formerly Elecma) – Ariane

Elbit Systems
– Atlas, Shavit

NII Avto Pribor
– Proton
NPO Mars
– Proton

 South Korea

Hyundai Electronics



– Ariane


SAAB Ericsson Space – Ariane
 United States

B.F Goodrich – Delta
B.F Goodrich Data Systems Division – Atlas, Delta
Cincinnati Electronics Corp. – Space Shuttle, Minuteman, Peacekeeper
G&H Technology Inc. – Space Shuttle
Honeywell Space Systems – Atlas, Delta, Minuteman
L-3 Communications Space & Navigation (formerly AlliedSignal Aerospace) – Delta
Litton Guidance & Control Systems – Minutema)
NetAcquire Corporation (formerly Real Time Integration)
Veridian Systems (formerly Veda Systems) – Atlas, Titan, Zenit

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