As Director of Takyon International‘s Editorial Office, Stefan Barensky is Chief Editor of the website. He is also a regular contributor to various aerospace publications.

Born in 1965, Stefan Barensky spent most of his childhood watching Apollo missions to the Moon and Soviet long-duration flights onboard Salyut space stations. Later he studied sciences at the Joseph Fourier University in Grenoble (France) and journalism at the Michel de Montaigne Institute of Technology of the University of Bordeaux III.

Since 1986, Stefan Barensky has been reporting on space activities for various French and international publications and a television network.

These included: Aéronautique Business, Air&Cosmos, APSCC Newsletter, L’Assurance Française, Aviation Design, Câble&Satellites, Les Echos, Eurêka-Sciences, European Voice, Flight&Space, Horizons Industriels, Interavia, Launchspace Magazine, Le Monde de l’Aviation, SLV La Lettre des Programmes et des Transports Spatiaux, Sonovision, Spoutnik Magazine, TCS La Lettre des Satellites, Vol & Espace and France 3, the French regional television network.
He also has been providing editorial material for various corporate publications such as: (Arianespace), Extrêmes (SEP), Latitude 5 (Guiana Space Center), NewsLink (Alcatel), Planet Aerospace (EADS), Revue Aérospatiale (Aerospatiale), Snecma Magazine and Snecma Scope (Snecma).

From 1994 to 1996, Stefan Barensky was a space consultant for Euroconsult, a famous Paris-based consulting company. He participated in the production of various publications as well as of reports and market studies for Aerospatiale Espace & Défense, Arianespace, Délégation Générale pour l’Armement, the European Space Agency, Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space and the National Space Development Agency of Japan.


As an independent consultant, he has provided different works to Arianespace, CNES, the French space agency, Euroconsult, Eurodrone, Euroforum, the European Space Agency, France Télécom, GenCorp Aerojet, Satel Conseil, Sodern and others.

In 1994, Stefan Barensky was one of the founders of Agence Takyon International.

He was Chief Editor of the Orbital Launcher Report and the Orbital Report On-Line (OReOL) through late 1997 when they were incorporated in ISIR and the ISIR Newsline respectively.


Editor in Chief of ISIR and European contributor to Launchspace Magazine from 1997 to 1999, he became senior editor for these two publications after their taking over by Phillips Publishing in October 1999.
  In 1999, Stefan Barensky provided editorial material and technical expertise to ANTEN and Emme for the development of a French CD-Rom about space exploration:

Le CNES présente L’ESPACE

through a partnership with CNES, the French Space Agency.


  Stefan Barensky dwarfed by the Inmarsat 4-F1 satellite while visiting Intespace’s clean rooms in Toulouse (Feb. 2, 2005).

The 6-ton, 8-m-tall spacecraft was shipped to Baykonur four days later for a launch on a Proton vehicle

(Photo courtesy of EADS Astrium)

Stefan Barensky (right) and fellow journalist Théo Pirard, of Belgium’s Space Information Center, in front of ESA’s Mars Express probe during its testing at Intespace in Toulouse (Sep. 18, 2002).

(Photo courtesy of Martin Ransom)
  Stefan Barensky standing in front of an Ariane 44L vehicle (V125) during transfer to the launch pad (Dec. 9, 1999).

Two hours later the Ariane 504 vehicle was also moved to its pad in preparation for a highly successful flight (V119) on the following day

Stefan Barensky (left) attending launch of the Eutelsat W3 satellite atop an Atlas 2AS vehicle (AC154) from Cape Canaveral Air Station (Apr. 12, 1999).

Next to him are fellow journalists Christian Lardier, of Air&Cosmos, and Théo Pirard, of Belgium’s Space Information Center.

  Stefan Barensky (left) reporting live on the Internet for the ISIR Newsline from the Toulouse Space Center during the third qualification flight of Ariane 5 (Oct. 21, 1998).

Behind him is Bruno Rougier, also reporting live for the Radio France network.

(Photo courtesy of CNES)

A French citizen, Stefan Barensky lives in Montpellier, South of France, with his wife Céline, his daughter Pauline, his son Samuel, and their three cats.

He enjoys reading, writing, hiking and has a passion for lezards and antique history. He is a collector of dictionaries and wooden yo-yos.
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