Below is a selection of official web sites for the main launch vehicle prime contractors worldwide. Prime contractors for new and unproven launch vehicles can be found here.

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Bristol Aerospace
– Black Brant suborbital rockets.

China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology
(CALT) – CZ "Long March".
Shanghai Academy of Space Technology
(SAST) – CZ "Long March".

Arianespace – Ariane

EADS Launch Vehicles – Ariane

Israel Aircraft Industries, MLM
(IAI) – Shavit

(formerly SNIA BPD) – Vega

Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries
IHI Aerospace
(formerly Nissan Aerospace) M-5
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
(MHI) – H-2A

RKK Energiya
Aurora, Polyot
GKNPTs Khrunichev
Proton, Rokot, Angara
GRTsKB Makeyev
– Shtil, Volna
AKO Polyot – Kosmos
NII Teploviye Tekhnologiy
(NII-TT) – Start
– Soyuz, Molniya



NPO Yuzhnoye
– Tsyklon, Zenit, Dnepr
 United States

Boeing Expendable Launch Systems (ELS) – Delta.
Boeing Reusable Launch Systems – Space Shuttle, X-37, X-40.
Lockheed Martin Space Systems, Astronautics Operations (LMA) – Atlas, Titan.
Micro Craft Inc. – X-43A.
Orbital Sciences Corp. (OSC) – Pegasus, Taurus, Minotaur.


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