H-2A (F9)

Last modification: March 7, 2006


    Launch date
 Launch window:
 February 18, 2006 – 0627 UTC.
 Launch site
 Launch complex:
 Tanegashima Space Centre (Japan)
 Yoshinobu Launch Complex
 Launch vehicle

 Upper stage:
 Payload fairing:
 Launch vehicle prime:
 Launch provider:
 Flight number:

 [Standard H-2A 2nd stage]
 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.
 Rocket System Corp. (RSC)
 Targeted orbit:
 Overall lift-off mass:
 Total payload mass:
 Geostationary Transfer Orbit
About 354,000 kg
 About 3,500 kg (est.
 Last "commercial" flight on behalf of RSC.
 Delayed from Feb. 15 due to H-2A (F8) launch slip.
 Launch window delayed by 1 min. for ISS collision avoidance.


 Payload designation Launch customer
Launch contract
Launch mass
Launch adapter
  MT-Sat 2 MLIT
Feb. 2003
3,000 kg

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