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The following tables list planned and expected payloads due to fly on commercial launch systems. This is not a real market prediction as it does not take into account unexpected delays and unannounced new developments. These will likely have a major influence on the size of the actual launch market. No assumption has been made on the credibility of the listed satellite projects.

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GEO & GTO Launch Market
    2003   2004   2005   2006   2007

( > 5.5 t to GTO)

Mentor 3? (Titan)
Milstar 2-F4 (Titan)
Anik F2 (Ariane)
DirecTV-7S (Zenit)
DSP-22 (Titan)
ETS-8 (H-2A)
Inmarsat 4-F2 (Atlas)
Intelsat 10.02 (Proton)
NRO L-26 (Delta)
SatMex 6 (Ariane)
SpaceWay 1 (Zenit)
SpaceWay 2 (Zenit)
EuroSkyWay 1?
Roebuck 1?
DSP-23 (Delta)
Inmarsat 4-F1 (Ariane)
iPStar 1 (Ariane)
EuroSkyWay 2?
Inmarsat 4-F3
EuroSkyWay 3?

4.0 to 5.5 t to GTO)


AMC-9 (Proton)
Asiasat 4 (Atlas)
Echostar 9/Telstar 13 (Zenit)
Galaxy 13/Horizons 1 (Zenit)
Intelsat 907 (Ariane)
Optus C1 (Ariane)
Rainbow 1 (Atlas)
Thuraya 2 (Zenit)


Asiasat 5
M2A-F1 (Delta?)
Amazonas (Proton)
AMC-12 (Proton)

AMC-13 (Ariane)
Apstar 5 (Zenit)
Apstar 6 (CZ)
Telstar 8 (Zenit)
W3A (Proton)
XM-3 (Zenit)


Echostar 10
Hispasat 1E
JCSat 9
Nahuel 2
AMC-15 (Proton)
Anik F1R (Proton)
Astra 1KR (Ariane)
Measat 3 (Proton)
NSS-8 (Zenit)
Sinosat 2 (CZ)
Star One C1 (Ariane)
WGS-1 (Delta)
WGS-2 (Atlas)
WildBlue 1 (Ariane)

Astra 1L
Koreasat 5
SatMex 7
SatMex 8
Skynet 5A
Hot Bird 8 (Ariane)
SBIRS H-1 (Atlas)

WGS-3 (Atlas)
XM-4 (Zenit)
Skynet 5B
Star One C2
2.5 to 4.0 t to GTO)
Hellas Sat 2 (Atlas)
Insat 3A (Ariane)
Insat 3E (Ariane)
UFO-11 (Atlas)

Agrani 2 (Ariane)??
Estrela do Sul (Zenit)
GOES-N (Delta)
Insat 3D (GSLV)
Insat 4A (Ariane)
MBSAT (Atlas)
MT-Sat 1R (H-2A)
SpainSat (Ariane)
Superbird 6 (Atlas)
Syracuse 3A (Ariane)
MT-Sat 2 (H-2A?)
Vinasat (Proton?)
Ameristar (Ariane)
Arabsat 4A (Proton)
Hot Bird 7A (Ariane)
Insat 4B (Ariane)
Syracuse 3B (Ariane)
Galaxy 16
Insat 4C (GSLV?)
Rascom FM1
Sicral 1B (Ariane?)
Arabsat 4B (Proton)
Insat 4D (GSLV?)
GOES-O (Delta)
 ( < 2.5 t to GTO)
Amos 2 (Soyuz)
BSAT-2c (Ariane)
DSCS-3-A3 (Delta)
DSCS-3-B6 (Delta)
e-Bird (Ariane)
Galaxy 12 (Ariane)
Smart 1 (Ariane)

HK-Sat 1 (CZ?)
AMC-10 (Atlas)
AMC-11 (Atlas)

Galaxy 5R (Ariane)
Telkom 2 (Ariane)
XTAR-EUR (Ariane)

HK-Sat 2 (CZ?)
Optus D1
Galaxy 1R3 (Ariane)
MSG-2 (Ariane)
Optus D2
Israel Milcomsat
SatComBw (GSLV?)
SDO (Delta)
 Launch Mass Unknown      
EO-3/STP-1 (Atlas)
NRO L-30 (Atlas)
NRO L-24 (Atlas)
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MEO Launch Market
    2003   2004   2005   2006   2007
( > 3.5 t to MEO)

1.5 to 3.5 t to MEO)
Navstar 2R-8 (Delta)
Navstar 2R-9 (Delta)
Navstar 2R-10 (Delta)

ICO-A2 (Atlas)
Navstar 2R-11 (Delta)
Navstar 2R-12 (Delta)
Navstar 2R-13 (Delta)
Navstar 2R-14 (Delta)

  ICO-D1 (Delta)
ICO-P1 (Proton)
ICO-P2 (Proton)
Navstar 2R-15 (Delta)
Navstar 2R-16 (Delta)
Navstar 2R-17 (Delta)
Navstar 2R-18 (Delta)
  ICO-D2 (Delta)
ICO-D3 (Delta)

ICO-P3 (Proton)
ICO-P4 (Proton)

Navstar 2F-1 (Delta)
Navstar 2F-2 (Delta)
Navstar 2R-19 (Delta)
Navstar 2R-20 (Delta)
Navstar 2R-21 (Delta)?
Navstar 2R-22 (Delta)?
  ICO-D4 (Delta)
ICO-D5 (Delta)

Navstar 2F-3 (Atlas)
Navstar 2F-4 (Atlas)
Navstar 2R-23 (Delta)?
Navstar 2R-24 (Delta)?
Navstar 2R-25 (Delta)?
Navstar 2R-26 (Delta)?
500 kg to 1.5 t to MEO)




GSTB-V2/A (Soyuz?)
Galileo Cluster 1 (Soyuz?)
Galileo Cluster 2 (Soyuz?)
Galileo Cluster 3 (Soyuz?)
 (>500 kg to MEO)




 Launch Mass Unknown                    
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SSO Launch Market
    2003   2004   2005   2006   2007
( > 3.5 t to SSO)
NROL-18 (Atlas)
Alos-1 (H-2A)
NRO L-22 (Delta)
EIS-3 (Titan)?
Helios 2A (Ariane)
  NRO L-25 (Delta)
NRO L-28 (Atlas)
1.5 to 3.5 t to SSO)

2 x IGS (H-2A)
2 x IGS (H-2A)

Aura (Delta)
NOAA-N (Delta)
Radarsat 2 (Delta)
Metop 1 (Soyuz)
Radarsat 3
TerraSAR-L (Dnepr?)
NPP-Bridge (Delta)
2 x IGS (H-2A)

500 kg to 1.5 t to SSO)

Coriolis (Titan)
DMSP-5D3-16 (Titan)
ICESat (Delta)

Calipso/Cloudsat (Delta)
CryoSat (Rokot)
Demeter (Dnepr)
DMSP-5D3-17 (Delta)
Kompsat 2 (Rokot)
RoCSat 2 (Taurus)
Cosmo-Skymed 1
Cosmo-Skymed 2
2 x RapidEye (Dnepr?)
TerraSAR-X (Dnepr?)
SAR-Lupe 1 (Kosmos)
Cosmo-Skymed 3 (Vega?)
Ikonos 3?
2 x RapidEye (Dnepr?)
GOCE (Rokot)
SAR-Lupe 2 (Kosmos)
SAR-Lupe 3 (Kosmos)
ADM-Aeolus (Rokot?)
Cosmo-Skymed 4 (Vega?)
SAC-D (Delta?)
SMOS (Vega?)
DMSP-5D3-18 (Atlas)

Megha-Tropiques (PSLV)
SAR-Lupe 4 (Kosmos)
SAR-Lupe 5 (Kosmos)
500 kg to SSO)

OrbView 3 (Pegasus)


4 x Essaim (Ariane?)
Parasol (Ariane?)
EROS-B1 (Start)

EROS-B2 (Start)
RoCSat 3 (Minotaur)
Glory (Taurus)
 Launch Mass Unknown          
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Miscellaneous Orbits
    2003   2004   2005   2006   2007
 Low Earth Orbit
>1.0 t at launch)
SERVIS-1 (Rokot)
GP-B (Delta)
Swift (Delta)
4 x Globalstar (Delta)?
4 x Globalstar (Soyuz)?
GLAST (Delta)
STSS-1 (Delta)
SLI Demo 1 (Delta)?
SLI Demo 2 (Delta)?
STSS-2 (Delta)
 Low Earth Orbit
<1.0 t at launch)
3 x DMC (Kosmos)
Galex (Pegasus)
KaistSat 4 (Kosmos)
Mimosa + MOST (Rokot)
SciSat 1 (Pegasus)
SORCE (Pegasus)

SOTV-SE (Taurus?)
C/NOFS (Pegasus)
3 x DMC & Topsat (Kosmos)
NFIRE (Minotaur)
TacSat 1 (Falcon)

XSS-11 (Minotaur)

  Corot (Soyuz?)
AIM (Pegasus)
Jason 2 (Delta)
OCO (Taurus)
  Aquarius (Delta)
Themis (Delta)
 Escape Trajectories  
Mars Express (Soyuz)
MER-A (Delta)
MER-B (Delta)
SIRTF (Delta)
Deep Impact (Delta)
Messenger (Delta)
Rosetta (Ariane)
MRO (Atlas)
Selene (H-2A)
Stereo 1&2 (Delta)
Venus Express (Soyuz)
Dawn (Delta)
New Horizons (Atlas)
Herschel (Ariane)
Kepler (Delta)
Phoenix (Delta)
Planck (Ariane)
 ISS Orbit      
ATV-1-Demo (Ariane)
ATV-2 (Ariane)
ATV-3 (Ariane)
HTV-1-Demo (H-2A) 
Smart 2 (Soyuz?)
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