Space transportation analysts have their views on some past, current or upcoming events.
The Orbital Report gives them the possibility to express them freely.
The following contributions are provided here as elements of information and discussion.
Publishing these articles does not imply that the Orbital Report or Takyon International approves their content or share any of their author’s judgements.

The Case for a Commercial RLV,
an Overview of Basic Requirements

Stefan Barensky – – March 28, 2001

Unintended Consequences: Proliferation in South Korea

Stratfor – March 6, 2001

The Truth About North Korea’s Missile Program

Stratfor – March 5, 2001

United States Strengthening Influence
on Brazil’s Missile Program

Stratfor – March 2, 2001

Tsyklon 3 Loss is Latest Failure
of a Former Soviet ‘Long Term Storage’ Rocket

David Todd – Airclaims – January 5, 2001

Boeing’s Delta 3/DM-F3 Launch is Given Benefit of Doubt by Insurers

David Todd – Airclaims – September 29, 2000

Doubts Continue as Boeing’s Delta 3 Rocket Falls Short Again

David Todd – Airclaims – September 12, 2000

Picking Winners is the Only Way for Japan’s Future in Space

David Todd – Airclaims – March 24, 2000

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