June 18, 1997
                                              Paris Air Show
                                                  Special #3
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efforts to develop and launch their US$1.6-billion SKYBRIDGE and
US$3.5-billion CYBERSTAR constellations of broadband communication
satellites. ALCATEL and LORAL have also agreed to invest US$30 million
in each other's venture. The 64-satellite SKYBRIDGE constellation in low
Earth orbit, the Ku-band part of the business, could be launched as soon
as 2001. Three Ka-band CYBERSTAR satellites are planned for launch
beginning in 1999.
* MOTOROLA has unveiled its intent to build a US$12.9-billion broadband
satellite system, dubbed CELESTRI, which could provide worldwide
interactive multimedia services in Ka-band in 2002. This new system
would be based on a 63-satellite constellation in low Earth orbit.
* A Russian PROTON K vehicle has successfully launched a cluster of 7
IRIDIUM satellites into their targeted orbit from Baykonur today.
* STARSEM, the French-Russian joint-venture in charge of marketing the
Soyuz vehicle, has agreed with RKA, the Russian space agency, to begin
the marketing of two new versions of the vehicle. The SOYUZ-FREGAT, and
later the SOYUZ 2-FREGAT, will allow to launch more voluminous payloads.
The FREGAT upper stage will first be test-launched in 1999. Two SOYUZ-
FREGAT are due to loft the CLUSTER 2 satellites in 2000.
* FIAT AVIO is studying a new concept for its proposed VEGA launcher
incorporating Ukrainian liquid propulsion technology from NPO YUZHNOE in
its third and fourth stages.
* NASA has awarded a US$54-million contract to LOCKHEED MARTIN for the
development and manufacturing of a Solar X-Ray Imager which will be
carried aboard  NOAA's future Geostationary Operational Environmental
Satellites (GOES-N, O, P & Q).
* INPE, the Brazilian space science institute, has signed a US$4-million
contract with AEROSPATIALE, of France, for the procurement of the
mechanical/optical system of the CIMEX optical instrument. This
equipment will fly on the US SPACE SHUTTLE.
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