June 20, 1997
                                              Paris Air Show
                                                  Special #5
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* The cryogenic core stage of the 2nd ARIANE 5 vehicle was erected in
Kourou, French Guiana, on June 17. It was mated with the upper stage and
vehicle equipment bay on June 18 and 19. Solid boosters will be strapped
on the vehicle on June 21 and 23. The new VULCAIN engine will arrive in
Guiana on July 9 and will be mounted on the vehicle late the same month.
A launch rehearsal is planned on September 4 with a targeted launch date
on September 30.
* The first firing of a KB KHIMAVTOMATIKI RD-0120 engine for the second
phase of the RECORD test program led by SOCIETE EUROPEENNE DE PROPULSION
of Suresnes, France, was successfully performed at TsNIIMASH test center
in Sergyev-Posad, Russia, on June 10. A second static firing is planned
early next week.
of Velizy, France, have signed a contract worth about DM30-million
(US$17-million) for the procurement of 14 attitude control systems (SCA)
to be used on ARIANE 5 vehicles #503 to 516. SCA provides attitude
control during upper stage boost and payload injection.
* McDONNELL DOUGLAS AEROSPACE, of Huntington Beach, California, has
awarded a contract to MATRA MARCONI SPACE-UK (MMS-UK), of Stevenage,
Great-Britain, for the procurement of at least one DUAL LAUNCH PAYLOAD
ADAPTER to be flown in 1999 to allow the launch of two 1-t NASA payloads
in low Earth orbit on a Delta 2-7320 vehicle. MMS-UK provides SPELDA
dual launch structures currently used for dual launches on ARIANE 4.
* STARSEM, of Suresnes, France, the French-Russian consortium in charge
of marketing the SOYUZ launcher, has awarded a contract to its parent
company AEROSPATIALE, of Paris, France, for the development of a payload
dispenser for the deployment of GLOBALSTAR satellites in orbit after
their launch on SOYUZ-IKAR vehicles in late 1998.
* E'PRIME AEROSPACE CORP. (EPAC), of Titusville, Florida, and SPACEPORT
SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL (SSI), of Lompoc, California, are planning to
launch several EAGLE launch vehicles from SSI's CALIFORNIA SPACEPORT,
in Vandenberg AFB, California. EPAC is developing the EAGLE family of
launchers from deactivated MX PEACEKEEPER intercontinental ballistic
* ALLIEDSIGNAL AEROSPACE, of Torrance, California, has been selected to
provide Vehicle Management System (VMS) for the K-1 reusable two-stage-
to-orbit vehicle under development by KISTLER AEROSPACE of Kirkland,
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