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 News Sources
The Best Ones
Space Daily – A space information portal by Simon Mansfield.
Spaceflight Now
– The space exploration website by Astronomy Now. – An internet news digest about space activities with many links.
The Others
Florida Today – Used to be the best news source on the web. – Space for general public. – Interesting news.
 Historical Perspectives
Encyclopedia Astronautica – Mark Wade’s impressive site about historical space programs.
Jonathan’s Space Home Page – Jonathan McDowell’s survey of space programs.
Official Sites
NASA’s History Office – Highly valuable historical resources.
 Forecasts & Analysis

Lloyd’s Constellations – Everything you ever wanted to know on satellite constellations by Lloyd Wood.

Space Policies
NASA Watch – Keith Cowing’s site to monitor NASA.
Space Policy Project – A worldwide survey by the Federation of American Scientists.
 Personal Pages
Go Taikonauts – Chen Lan’s unofficial website about Chinese space programs.
Rockets in Europe – A short overview of European space launchers and suborbital vehicles by Jean-Jacques Serra.
British Rockets and Satellite Launchers – An overview of British space transportation programs by Nicholas Hill.
Britain in Space – Similar topic by Stephen O’Brien.
Russian Space Web – Historical and current space programs in the former USSR by Anatoly Zak.
Deep Cold – Pictures and movies of cancelled Cold War programs by Dan Roam.
Aerospace Guide – Space projects and info page by Vic Stathopoulos.
Gunter’s Space Page – An encyclopaedia of space flight by Gunter Krebs.
International Spacecraft & Launch Vehicle Names Glossary – A searchable database of space-related designations by Bruce Cranford.

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