Below is a selection official and unofficial web sites for major and less known space launch centers worldwide.

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Odyssey Launch Platform
(Zenit 3SL). Tracks the platform’s location.

Sombrero Island
(BA-2). Links to Beal’s controversial launch site on a desert island were broken after the project collapsed. Opponents to Beal’s project also had their website.

Asia Pacific Space Centre. A proposed commercial launch site in Christmas Island, in the Indian Ocean.
Asia Pacific Space Launch Centre. A proposed commercial launch site in Gunn Point, near Darwin.
Hummock Hill Island (Unity). Link to the proposed launch site by ULSI is broken as the project seems to have collapsed.
Woomera Rocket Range (K-1). The Australian Department of Defence has apparently removed this site. But you can still see the unofficial site by Mark T. Rigby.
Suborbital launch site
Barreiro da Inferno Launch Center (Suborbital).

Spaceport Canada
(Start). Links to were broken when Akjuit Aerospace cancelled the project.
Suborbital launch site
Churchill Launch Range (Suborbital).
Projected launch site
Hainan Spaceport. This link is apparently no longer active as the project may have collapsed. In Chinese.
 French Guiana

Guiana Space Center (Ariane, Vega). Europe’s launch site in Kourou.

Satish Dhawan Space Center
(PSLV, GSLV), formerly known as the Sriharikota Range.

Palmahim AFB

Baykonur Cosmodrome
(Soyuz, Proton, Tsyklon, Zenit, Rokot, Dnepr). In Russian.
Another site, in English, describes commercial facilities for small launchers.
See also the unofficial description provided by Anatoly Zak.
 Marshall Islands

Kwajalein Missile Range (Pegasus, suborbital). A U.S. Army base used for missile defense testing and commercial space launches.
 North Korea

Musudan-ri Test Range (Pekdosan). Unofficial description provided by the Federation of American Scientists.

Andøya Rocket Range

Kapustin Yar Test Range (Kosmos 3M). Another site describes commercial facilities. See the unofficial description provided by Anatoly Zak.
Plesetsk Cosmodrome (Kosmos, Soyuz, Tsyklon, Start, Rokot, Angara). Another site describes commercial facilities. See also the unofficial description provided by Anatoly Zak.
Svobodniy Cosmodrome (Start). See the unofficial description provided by Anatoly Zak.

KBTM. Russia’s KB Transportnogo Mashinostroeniya designed most of Russian launch complexes.
 South Africa

Overberg Test Range

 United States

Cape Canaveral Air Station (Atlas, Delta, Pegasus, Taurus, Titan).
John F. Kennedy Space Center (Space Shuttle).
Kodiak Launch Complex (Minotaur, Taurus).
Vandenberg AFB (Atlas, Delta, Pegasus, Taurus, Titan).
Wallops Flight Facility (Pegasus).

Commercial launch sites
California Spaceport by Spaceport Systems International.
Spaceport Florida by Spaceport Florida Authority.
Virginia Space Flight Center in Wallops Island.

Suborbital launch sites
Dryden Flight Research Center (Suborbital).
Poker Flat Research Range (Suborbital).
White Sands Missile Range (Suborbital).

Projected commercial launch sites
Eastern United States Spaceport (Ohio).
Grant County Spaceport (Washington).
Great Falls Spaceport (Montana).
Gulf Coast Regional Spaceport (Texas).
Heritage International Spaceport Facility (Utah). Apparently down.
Idaho Spaceport. This link is no longer available.
Mojave Spaceport (California).
National Coalition of Spaceport States. A one-stop website.
Nevada Test Site. Turning a nuclear test site into a commercial space venture.
Oklahoma Spaceport.
Pecos County/West Texas Spaceport (Texas).
South Dakota Spaceport.

South Texas Spaceport. Under construction.
Southwest Regional Spaceport (New Mexico). Official page on the New Mexico Economic Development Department website.
Spaceport Alabama
Wisconsin Spaceport
 Wake Island

EnenKio Spaceport
. The link to this spaceport proposal supported by secessionists from Wake Island is no longer available.

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