Zenit 3SL
 Industrial Team
 Boeing Commercial Space Co. Program management. Payload fairing and adapter. Home Port operations. Spacecraft integration with the payload unit. Mission analysis and analytical integration. Lead contractor for mission operations, sales, marketing and licensing. (40% shareholder in Sea Launch Co.).
 RKK Energiya Block DM-SL upper stage. CIS-based launch-related operations and launcher integration. (25% shareholder in Sea Launch Co.).
 NPO Yuzhnoye Two-stage Zenit vehicle. (15% shareholder in Sea Launch Co.).
 NPO EnergoMash RD-171 and RD-120 engines.
 NPO Avtomatiki i Priborostroeniya (NPO-AP) Guidance systems.
 NPO ElektroPribor Onboard computer.
 NPO Komunar Guidance avionics.
 SAAB Ericsson Space Payload separation systems.
 Kvaerner Maritime AS ‘Odyssey’ Launch Platform and ‘Sea Launch Commander’ Assembly & Command Ship. (20% shareholder in Sea Launch Co.).
 KB Transportnogo Mashinostreniya (KBTM) ‘Odyssey’ Launch Platform launch infrastructure.
 Barber Kvaerner Maritime Management AS Marine operations.
 Air Products & Chemicals Inc. Liquid oxygen and nitrogen. Gaseous helium and nitrogen.
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