This page is intended to give access to live views of various launch sites as soon as they are provided on the World Wide Web.

Cape Canaveral | Tanegashima | Edwards AFB | Odyssey
Vandenberg | Kourou | Baykonur

Watch upcoming launches live on the Internet:

November 5: Zenit 3SL (Inmarsat 4-F2)
November 9: Soyuz/Fregat (Venus Express)
November 10: Ariane 5ECA (SpaceWay 2, Telkom 2)
November: Delta 4M+ (GOES-N)
November: Delta 2/7420 (Calipso, Cloudsat)

For live coverage of NASA missions, connect to NASA TV in RealVideo
(Alternate RealVideo link via Houston Chronicle)
For NASA TV broadcast schedule click here.

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