Zenit 3SL (SL-25)

Last modification: August 23, 2006

Zenit 3SL

    Launch date
 Launch window:
 August 22, 2006 – 0327 UTC
 Launch site
 Launch complex:
 Pacific Ocean
 Odyssey Launch Platform
 Launch vehicle

 Upper stage:
 Payload fairing:
 Launch vehicle prime:
 Launch provider:
 Flight number:

 Zenit 3SL
 NPO Yuzhnoe, RKK Energiya
 Sea Launch
 Targeted orbit:
 Overall lift-off mass:
 Total payload mass:
 472,000 kg (est.)
 5,000 kg (est.)

Delayed from July.
Delayed from Aug. 5 and 10.
Delayed from Aug. 20.

 Payload designation Launch customer
Launch contract
Launch mass
Launch adapter
  Koreasat 5  KT Corp.
May 2004
4,465 kg

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