Zenit 3SL (SL-29)

Last modification: June 17, 2006

Zenit 3SL

    Launch date
 Launch window:
June 18, 2006 – 07:50 to 09:50 UTC
 Launch site
 Launch complex:
 Pacific Ocean
 Odyssey Launch Platform
 Launch vehicle

 Upper stage:
 Payload fairing:
 Launch vehicle prime:
 Launch provider:
 Flight number:

 Zenit 3SL
 NPO Yuzhnoe, RKK Energiya
 Sea Launch
 Targeted orbit:
 Overall lift-off mass:
 Total payload mass:
 472,000 kg (est.)
 5,000 kg (est.)
Launch contract reannounced as new in July 2005.
Delayed from June 5 and 12.
Delayed from June 14 due to payload issues.
Delayed from June 17.

 Payload designation Launch customer
Launch contract
Launch mass
Launch adapter
  Galaxy 16  PanAmSat
Sep. 2004
4,640 kg

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